MCPC COVID-19 Information

英語崇拜 English: 9:30am
國語崇拜 Mandarin: 9:30am
粵語崇拜 Cantonese: 11:15am

Latest Updates

  • In-person worship is paused

    Update: We are resuming in-person worship, you are welcome to join us for service!

    MCPC has suspended in-person worship and will continue with livestreaming worship only until further notice.

    麥恆中華基督教長老會暫停實體崇拜, 只提供線上崇拜直至另行通告。

    Sunday Service 主日崇拜

    9:30am English Livestreaming Worship 英語線上崇拜
    9:30am Mandarin Livestreaming Worship 國語線上崇拜
    11:15am Cantonese Livestreaming Worship 粵語線上崇拜
    Phone Live Stream 電話直播 1-888-804-3553

  • Returning to in-person worship on March 20

    The church will be open again for in-person worship services for all services as of March 20. Livestreaming will continue. Face masks and social distancing will continue to be required at all times while indoors.

    Please do not come to the church if you are required to isolate by testing positive or identified as a high-risk contact, feel unwell with COVID symptoms, or have travelled internationally within 2 weeks. Join us on the livestream and we’ll see you back in-person again soon.

    Please note the change back to regular worship service times.
    9:30am English service
    9:30am Mandarin service (Chapel)
    11:15am Cantonese service

  • Virtual worship only starting Jan 9, 2022

    MCPC will move to virtual (livestream) worship only starting Sunday January 9, 2022. There will be no in-person worship. Please take note of the new worship times. Livestream links will be posted at

    麥恆中華基督教長老會將於2022 年 1 月 9 日(星期日) 開始暫停實體崇拜只有線上崇拜。崇拜時間為:

    9:00 am – English Worship 英語崇拜
    10:15 am – Mandarin Worship 國語崇拜
    11:30 am – Cantonese Worship 粵語崇拜

  • In-person worship starts September 5

    (English version)


    我們將於 9 月 5 日再次開放實體崇拜,實在令人振奮! 你們的健康和安全對每個人都很重要。因此,教會需要你們在參加實體崇拜時遵守以下的規則和溫馨提示:

    1. 參加實體崇拜
      • 如果你有任何新型冠狀病毒的症狀、或有發燒、或你在過去 14 天內曾經離開加拿
      • 進入建築物時必須配戴口罩並盡可能保持社交距離。如果你沒有完全接種疫苗,則
        需要使用非手術口罩 non-surgical masks(不接受使用布製口罩)。
      • 我們建議你在符合衛生指引下接種兩次疫苗,但接種疫苗並不是參加實體崇拜的必
      • 你需要填寫一份詳細的健康問卷,用以確定你是否能參加實體崇拜。 [請參閱新型
    2. 填妥健康問卷
      • 每人都必須在網上或教會入口處填妥健康問卷,以方便日後萬一接觸了病患者時聯絡,也作為聲明你沒有新型冠狀病毒的症狀等。
      • 網上健康問卷可在這裡 索取,健康問卷也放置在教會入口處。
      • 如果你填寫網上健康問卷,請在按 “Submit” 之前向招待員出示你手機上的綠色「✔」標記。 [請注意教堂沒有公共 WIFI]。
    3. 實體崇拜的規則
      • 英語和粵語崇拜參加者請使用 Denison Street 正門進入,並使用大堂側門或副堂門離開。
      • 國語崇拜參加者,請使用二期大樓正門進入或離開。
      • 必須在室內配戴口罩,如果你沒有接種兩次疫苗,則需要使用非手術口罩 non-surgical masks(不接受使用布製口罩)。
      • 盡可能遵守單向系統行走,並保持社交距離。
      • 會眾可以戴著口罩唱歌。
      • 不可超過 2 人同時進入洗手間。
      • 第一期和第二期之間的門將被關閉,以保持隔離。
      • 運動場及其他班房不會開放。
      • 請將奉獻於崇拜後放在奉獻箱/奉獻盤中,奉獻將由捐封小組在粵語崇拜結束後點算。
      • 在英語和粵語崇拜時,如果主層有足夠的座位請不要使用閣樓,以減少清潔工作。
    4. 實體崇拜時間及地
      • 早上九時三十分 英語崇拜 地點: 聖殿 (設有直播)
      • 早上九時三十分 國語崇拜 地點: 二期禮堂(設有錄影、稍後上載)
      • 早上十一時十五分 粵語崇拜 地點: 聖殿 (設有直播)
    5. 聖餐
      • 請在進入聖殿或二期禮堂時領取聖餐,並在離開聖殿或禮堂時將容器放在垃圾桶裡。
    6. 麥恒長老會的其他事工及活動: 團契、主日學、茶點…等
      • 只有實體崇拜和基石團契 (Cornerstone Fellowship) 會在 9 月使用教會建築物。
      • 暫時將不會在室內提供茶點、主日學、會議、團契(基石團契除外)、托兒服務或其他事工活動,直至另行通告。

    如果你有任何疑問,請電郵至 或致電教會辦公室電話 905-946-1725。

  • In-person worship starts September 5

    Dear sisters, brothers and friends of MCPC,

    It is with excitement that we are opening up for in-person worship again on September 5. Your health and safety are important to everyone and therefore, we ask that you follow these procedures and recommendations when you return.

    1. Attending in-person worship
      • You may attend in-person worship only if you do not have any COVID-19 symptoms, or do not have a temperature, or you have not been out of the country or flown in a plane in the last 14 days.
      • You will need to wear a mask indoor, and maintain social distance as much as possible. Non-surgical masks are required if you are not fully vaccinated (cloth masks are not acceptable).
      • We recommend that you be fully vaccinated when you are eligible although this is not a requirement to attend in-person worship.
      • You need to fill in a detailed screening questionnaire which determines if you can attend in-person worship or not. [See COVID Screening Questionnaire here]
    2. Online/paper COVID Screening Questionnaire
      • Everyone is required to complete an online or paper screening questionnaire for contact tracing and declaring that you do not have COVID-19 symptoms, etc.
      • The online form is available here and the paper form is available in the church lobby and Phase 2 entrance.
      • If you use the online form, please show the green check mark [ ✔ ] to the ushers when you enter the building first, before submitting the form. [Please note that there will be no public WIFI at MCPC].
    3. Protocols for in-person worship
      • English and Cantonese worship attendees are to enter through the Denison Street main entrance, and leave through the Sanctuary side exit or Fellowship Hall exit.
      • Mandarin worship attendees are to enter and leave through the Phase 2 building main entrance.
      • Masks are required at all times inside the building. Non-surgical masks are required if you are not fully vaccinated (cloth masks are not acceptable).
      • Follow one-way system as much as possible and maintain social distance.
      • Congregational singing is permitted with the mask on.
      • No more than 2 people may enter the washroom at the same time.
      • The door between Phase 1 and Phase 2 will be closed to maintain separation.
      • Gym and classrooms will not be opened.
      • Offerings may be deposited in the offering box/plate when you exit after worship to be counted at the end of the Cantonese worship by the envelope team.
      • Volunteers are invited for cleaning the pews after the English worship.
      • For English and Cantonese worship services, do not use mezzanine floor if there is enough space on the main level to reduce the amount of cleaning.
    4. Worship Service time
      • Worship Time for in-person worship/livestreaming starting in September:
        • 9:30 am English Service in the Sanctuary (livestreamed)
        • 9:30 am Mandarin Service in the Chapel (recording to be uploaded on YouTube at a later time)
        • 11:15 am Cantonese Service in the Sanctuary (livestreamed)
    5. Holy Communion
      • Please take your Holy Communion set as you enter the Sanctuary or Chapel and deposit the containers in a garbage can as you leave the Sanctuary or Chapel
    6. Other ministry activities at MCPC – fellowship, Sunday School, refreshment, etc.
      • Only worship services and Cornerstone Fellowship will use the building in September.
      • There will be no refreshments indoor, Sunday School classes, meetings, fellowships (except Cornerstone Fellowship), nursery or other ministry activities until further notice.

    If you have any questions, please email or call the church office telephone 905-946-1725.

  • March 21, 2020

    As the COVID-19 situation evolves and gatherings are still prohibited, MCPC will use livestreaming of all three services (English, Cantonese and Mandarin) on Sunday at their usual times. Please reload this page for the livestream link 15 minutes before your service.

    For offering, we recommend to use Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR). It will allow for automatic electronic offering on the 20th of every month. MCPC has been utilizing this service by the United Church for several years. Please download, fill out and send this PAR Authorization Form along with a void cheque via email to You can print it out to scan or take a picture of the form and void cheque with your mobile phone.

    Receipt for tax purposes will be issued at the end of the year.

    If you have any questions regarding PAR, please email and the Board of Managers will reply to you.